Saturday, June 9, 2012

MSO Concert (a long time ago)

So a while back Dad, Nathan, Britney and I went to the MSO! I just love going there! But since it was so long ago, I  cannot remember what we heard. Sad, I know.  :-/  I do remember that the featured pianist was OUTSTANDING! She even played an encore piece for us! So, here are some pictures from the night. :)

So we are not supposed to have cameras in the concert 
hall, but I was naughty and took a few without 
them seeing me. ;) 
 this is the HUGE chandelier in the hall
 Britney and I waiting in the hallway

 Funny Story behind this picture....
So we are standing by this railing for pictures and Britney 
notices the picture on the wall. At the same time, I notice 
the plaque on the railing containing information on the 
picture. As I'm reading the plaque, it says the title of the 
picture was "Bunch of Nails." I was thinking that was a strange
name for a picture(I hadn't noticed the picture yet)....Just 
as I'm thinking that Britney(who had not seen the plaque yet)
 said..."Abbey, look at that picture. 
It looks like a bunch of nails..." 
we laughed for a long time about that one. :) 

 THE famous picture! :) 
Nathan and Dad :) 
 Dad and the twins... :) 

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