Saturday, September 3, 2011

Random Pictures and People

My good friend Jeanna Clay, and her three adorable 
children, Ezrah, Esther, and Emerson :)
 a goodbye party for Ramona Olah at Culver's the night before 
she left for Hungary for a month. 
 I finally was able to try some Inca Kola! 
This bottle came all the way from Peru! :) 
(actually, I'm pretty sure you can only get it in Peru)
 Abby and I at Camp Joy
 Margret and I at Camp Joy
 The last Sunday of camp, we had Bethany and some other
camp staff over for lunch. The dessert was root beer floats,
but since Bethany and I are both lactose intolerant, 
we had special floats with almond ice cream. 
They tasted SO GOOD!
 Especially because it's been forever since I've had one.

playing spoons with the camp people... :) 

 Daniel and his friend Ricky

4th of July at Camp Joy! :)

They had a picnic dinner down by the horse corral. 
Horse rides were available so of course, Daniel wanted a ride. :) 

Daniel loves riding horses... 
Hannah gave the Glass kids a ride 
Brooklyn! :) miss cutie pie... 

Abby and Bethany (right after Abby had splashed Bethany with water) :) 

Abby and Abbey :) 
we were both pretty sick that day....
(even though our smiles don't make us look sick :-/)
I guess we just have a lot of things in common :)
a brass quartet played some patriotic songs for 
the flag lowering ceremony

the service...

Bethany and I :)
She was my counselor for Teen I. 
We had so much fun together that week even though
we had a most interesting cabin! :) 

Valor Concert

The Camp Joy Men's Quartet made an appearance 
in the Valor concert this summer! :)