Thursday, March 31, 2011

Friday Outing

On Friday, Britney and I went to the IMAX, Culver's and Kohl's. 
Since Britney was on spring break, it worked out great!

Britney and I at the IMAX....(actually, outside the IMAX)
Britney in front of the Mammoth skeleton
beautiful, isn't he?? ;) 

Culver's!! Yum. :) 
this is for Britney....
"Oh yum! I haven't had Pepsi in like...TWO DAYS!" 
in the parking lot at Kohl' was snowing! :) 
we were trying to make it look like we were having tons 
of fun and doing tons of cool things since some of our 
friends were on choir tour and were going to cool places. :) 
That is why we have all these pictures of us in different places... ;) 

On Saturday, we went to the airport to meet a soldier
 from our church that was coming home from Iraq. 
It was my first time at the air port! :) 

Thanks Britney for an awesome couple days! :) 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jessica's Surprise Party

On Saturday, we had a surprise party for
 Jessica's 18th and GOLDEN birthday!!! :) 
She was surprised! :) 

Birthday Cake! :) 

Make a wish... :) 
After Jessica opened her gifts, 
we visited the Manley's horses...

group pic...

Senior Pics.... ;) 
I don't know what was going on here...
crazy... ;) 
picture credits go to...
Yours Truly ;) 
D'Lacey Pie
Emily Jicha 

Bel Canto Chorus and BCM Chorale

Monday, March 14, 2011

Junior Retreat at Camp Joy!

This past weekend I had the exciting opportunity to counsel at 
another Junior Retreat. This time, I lasted the whole weekend. :)
Unlike the last retreat, this one was quite small in attendance. 
There were only two cabins per team, with only 5 campers in 
my cabin, and the same for the boys cabin on my team. 
The other team had about 13 campers. 
Despite the small number, we all had a great time and 
the Lord worked in many of the children's hearts. 
Mr. Mike Wessberg was the speaker this weekend. 
He is great with kids! He had some great tricks too. :) 

special music
 some of my girls went snow-mo-buggin'. 

some of them wanted to go tobogganing. 
There was no way they were getting me to go down! :) 


my cabin......such sweet girls! :) 
the smallest game of Baton Tag I've ever seen.. ;) 

wipe out! 

Mr. Mike played on our team! Go Polar Bears!! :) 

we lost Baton Tag even with Mr. Mike on our team... :( 
cabin photo...
Mr. Mike had some kids come up and "help" him with a trick. :) 

Big Ball Volley Ball. We won this time! :) 

another cabin photo. :)