Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Random Pictures from the Past...

Ok, so it's from the near past but at least I'm making an effort to post pictures from the last three months or so.
By the way, I must apologize for my absence. I could bore you all with a list of excuses, but I'll spare you and just post pictures since I know that's what you're interested in, and not hearing about my extremely busy life. :) 
So, here they are.... :) 

Daniel fell asleep under Nathan's bed one night. 
He was waiting for Nathan so he could scare him... :) 

some Christmas decorations that I put up in my room this year...
I mean, last year... that was a long time ago.... :-/
(had to fit the Packers tissue box in there somewhere...) 

 this is one of my favorites... :) 

the best ornament on the WHOLE tree!!! :) 

can you tell I like the Packers just a little bit?? ;) 


  1. Good job with the update!! =)But I'm not a fan of the ornament. ;) lol

  2. Thanks for the update.GO PACKERS!!!!