Saturday, June 9, 2012

Walker Rally in Wauwatosa

A long time ago (back when there was still a little snow on the 
ground and we had temperatures similar to that of the ice age), 
Michelle and I attended a rally for Scott Walker in 
Wauwatosa, WI. There was a pretty good crowd there. :) 
There were also many guest speakers there! 
 Senator Leah Vukmir
 you can always count on seeing some great signs
at these rallys. :) 

 Rebecca Kleefisch
 First Lady Tonette Walker and one of her sons Alex

 Mrs. Walker gave a pretty good speech. :) 
even the dogs like Walker... :) 

 Senator Alberta Darling
 Tommy Tompson
 Michelle and I just about went numb so we decided to walk 
across the street to the Pick 'n Save to get the blood flowing.
It was interesting walking in Pick 'n Save with our Walker signs. ;) 
As I was taking Michelle's picture, this old beat up van drove up....
the ancient driver of the van gave us a thumbs up for our sign though! :) 

 wow...can you say...radical??? 

 walking down the street with our signs....

 Assembly majority leader, Jeff Fitzgerald 

 After Fitzgerald finished his speech, I saw him walking on the sidewalk
all by himself. So of course I jumped at the opportunity 
to go and introduce myself...and of course, get a picture! :) 

 a glimpse of the crowd.....

 stands for...
Thank God For Scott Walker    :) 

 State Treasurer Kurt Schuller 
Senator Glenn Grothman 
 Mark Neumann

 on the bus back to the park and ride...trying to thaw out! 
It was incredibly cold that day, but worth every minute of it! :) 

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