Monday, June 18, 2012

Junior Retreat

A while back (a LONG while back) I was able to counsel for a Junior Retreat at 
Camp Joy. I had a FULL cabin and all the girls were very energetic! 
Let's just say that I didn't get very much sleep that night... ;) 
Here are some pictures of my crazy girls! :) 
Sadly, I can't remember all of their names...
so I'll just leave you with pictures. 

eating ice cream from the snack shack....

 this girl loved to draw and spent all her spare time 
drawing pictures for me. :) so sweet! :) 

 in the bookstore...

 at the air cannons...

 in the fun castle...

 some of the girls wanted to go down the toboggan run
even though there was hardly any snow. 
It was more like a mud slide.... :-/

 Pastor Bob Loggans was the speaker for the weekend. 
He is great with kids! :) 

 song time...
 competitive activity....our team won! :) 

group picture!! :) 
 of course, they had to get a crazy picture! :) 
It was such a great weekend! I loved every one of my girls 
even though they were quite a handful at times! :) 
Believe it or not, I was sad to see them go...

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