Saturday, January 14, 2012

John and Rebecca's Wedding

Back in November, my cousin John got married in Eau Claire, WI.
We turned our time up there into a mini vacation! :) 
I didn't get any pictures of the ride up there because I slept 
basically the whole way there and back.  :-/ 
I guess I must have needed it. :) 
The rehearsal dinner was at a curling rink in Eau Claire. 
I must say that Curling is one of the most interesting sports ever. 
Here's mom setting out her cheesecakes. They were a big hit!  
the rink...
these monitors in the lobby let you watch the game from above the rink. 

the little kiddos...
how many guys does it take? :) 

Nathan and Ben, my cousin Jenny's little boy. 
Dinner! They had an awesome taco bar. 
What a genius idea! 
I think Daniel enjoyed his taco(s) thoroughly! 

Josiah and Daniel took advantage of the swimming pool
at the hotel. 

The wedding was held at the Florian Gardens in Eau Claire. 
It was a beautiful place, inside and out!

the anxious groom... ;) 
here comes the bride...

My cousins Billi and Jenny stood in the wedding

All of the music for the wedding was performed by 
this harpist. She did a wonderful job!
the reception hall
this was their "cake"! 

It was a little cold out, so I only took one picture of the outside.

They had a candy "bar" in one corner of the room 
with assorted chocolates and candies.
 Of course, it was a HUGE hit with the kids. 
I must admit that is was a huge hit with me also! ;) 

My cousin Jenny's daughter, Kate
My Cousin Jim's son, John
Daniel enjoying his glass of milk...
got milk?
 The happy couple, John and Rebecca!
Brandon and little Will....
don't ask me what they were doing... :) 
Billi and Jenny
Cutting the cake

They played this really fun game where they both took one of each 
other's shoes sat back to back in the middle of the room. 
The DJ would ask them a question such as
 "Which one of you is more likely to speed when driving?"
and they were to hold up the shoe of whoever they though
was more likely to do the thing which the DJ asked. 
It was very cute to watch them try and guess each other. :) 

Kate and I
Greg and I (Greg is Jenny's oldest)
Nathan and Greg

Daniel and John....they get along famously! :) 
This was their "guest book". :) 
Congratulations John and Rebecca! :)