Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ladies' Banquet

there was a Ladies' Banquet at church on May 6
hosted by the guys of MBC. :) 
It was a very enjoyable evening... :) 

 Bekah and Katie

 we had live dinner music....it was so very lovely! :) 

 the Kuchta Ladies... :) 

 a girls choir sang a special number for us
 Mrs. Ross giving a speech....It was very convicting. 
 another special by Paul, Philip, and Nathan
 Mrs. Roberts gave a challenge from God's Word...
 we were so impressed with the whole evening, that we
left a tip for our waiters. :)
(thanks Joel and Justin for some great service) :) 

Angie's back!

actually, Angie's been back for a while, I have just been 
super behind on my posts....
When Angie arrived in WI, my mom and I picked her up
and took her out for lunch before taking her out to 
Camp Joy where she will be working for the summer. :) 
So glad to have you back, Angie!!! =D 

Birthday cake! :)

Mom made this cute cake for a little boy at church...

Paul Ryan Listening Session in Waterford

on April 27th, Nathan and I had the opportunity
to go with the academy to hear Paul Ryan promote his
Health Care Reform Plan (Path for Prosperity) in 
Waterford. It was my first time seeing/hearing
Paul Ryan in person....COOL! :) 

about 90% of the people there were senior citizens...
some were for Ryan's plan, others adamantly against it. :-/ 
 some of our group....
we were trying to spread out and look inconspicuous,
but we arrived a little later than we wanted to, so there 
wasn't much room to intersperse ourselves among the masses...
 a non-local reporter doing an interview....
 He did a great job presenting his plan....
 Congressman Ryan had a neat pie chart representing 
the percentages of how much of our debt is owned by other 
countries, China being in the lead, of course... :-/ 

 Q & A time....
some of the folks asking questions were not very nice...
they think that they won't get any of their retirement 
$ and healthcare, when in reality, Ryan's plan 
does not effect people 55 and older.
Ryan's plan is truly genius! :) 
 love this shot.... :) 
 "the 'Path to Prosperity' prevents spending and taxes 
from rising steadily to unprecedented levels, 
as they are currently projected to do." 
 taking notes for a rebuttal.... ;) 
 the press...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Resurrection Sunday!

On Resurrection Sunday, we went to my Uncle's house 
in Sullivan to celebrate with my Dad's family :) 
we got some four-wheeler rides! 

Hannah and Maggy
 Maggy got a French poodle hair cut. I think it is SO cute! 

 Daniel was excited that he finally learned how 
to hold Maggy the right way! 

Daniel and Jon had an egg hunt....
it was so cute to see them scurrying around the house
looking for eggs! :) 

 the view from the loft...I love their house! :) 

My cousin and her husband just got a puppy! 
Her name is Alberta. It was so cute to see her 
and Maggy playing outside together. Maggy is about 
as big as she is going to grow, but Albie is only a couple 
of months old....she is going to be a big dog... :) 

very tired after a long day... ;) 

More posts coming soon! :)