Monday, March 14, 2011

WACS Competition

Friday was the WACS competition for the Academy.
Everybody did a great job!! :) 
Opening assembly...
Jessica and Jessica's piano-organ duet :)

Joel preaching
Wyatt preaching
Jessica's classical piano solo
Mukwonago Mens Ensemble 
Large Vocal Ensemble 
Tony preaching
MBA Senior-Junior High School Choir

Joel's vocal solo
Joel's trumpet solo
Jacob's trumpet solo
Sarah's humorous interpretation 
MBA High School Choir
Bell choir
Tony's humorous interpretation 
Reader's Theater 
"The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"

Wyatt's Oral Interpretation of Scripture

Jessica's Oral Interpretation of Scripture
Candid shots....I love them... :) 
smile, Sarah Jane!! would have been a nice picture.... ;) 
Senior Class 2011!!! :) 
and great friends! :) 
closing assembly


  1. Great job! Hey, where are all the pictures of all of our second places?

  2. Well, D'Lacey had that camera for the closing program b/c I wasn't there, and I think she forgot to take pictures of the awards. It's OK though...everyone can just know that almost everybody got second in something.... ;)

  3. Hey Abbey, you sure got some very random "Kuchta poses." I sure have crazy siblings!!!! Nice pictures!!!! Sure looks like you all had a lot of fun!!!!!

  4. actually, the credit for those "crazy sibling pictures" goes to D'Lacey. I had the video camera so I let Del use my camera for part of the day. But I love those pictures! :) They are pretty good. :)