Saturday, February 25, 2012

Christmas with Mom's Family

We celebrated Christmas with the Hoefakker side of the 
family on Christmas Eve. 

delectable.... :) 
 Erick, Brandy, and little Bently were able to come for a little bit!
Bently is SO CUTE! :) 
 Bekah and Aunt Carol came over for a little bit. 
It was so nice to see Bekah again! :) 
 Baki and Aunt Carol

 After the first group left, we sang carols while waiting 
for the next group to get there. It was tons of fun, although 
because the women in my family are made up of mostly altos,
 I decided I'd help out Aunt Tawnya and (try to) sing soprano.
We sang for almost an hour. I can't believe I lasted that long... 
It was still my favorite part of the night! :) 
 Daniel and Thomas: The Dynamic Duo! :) 
 Josiah read the Christmas story to everyone...
 Tarah was quite content to sit on 
Nathan's lap all night. :) 
 Nathan was showing her how to cute! :) 

 Papa and I :) 

the kids played SET afterwards. 
It's a favorite around here... :) 

Aunt Tawnya and Hannah
 Daniel totally forgot about a present he had
 hidden in Mom's room for Aunt Tawnya, so 
right before she left, he remembered it and ran to go get it. 
He made quite a show of presenting it to her! 
It was so cute! :) 

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