Thursday, February 23, 2012

High School Sunday School Girls Christmas Party

Sorry for the wordy title, but how else do you describe 
Ms. Lambrecht's Sunday School class??? ;) 

First, we went caroling to various people. 
We visited Mrs. Kuchta :) 

 and Mrs. Woodrow...
 and Mrs. Wilson at the nursing home. :) 

 the other ladies there really enjoyed us, so they asked us if 
we could walk some of the halls and sing for a little bit longer.
Many of the residents there were very touched by our visit.
It was such a blessing to minister to the folks at the nursing home. :) 

 at Ms. Lambrecht's house...
Brianna, Lara, and I eating the most awesome snack 
in the world: dill pickles and frozen cream puffs!!!!!!
I'm convinced there is nothing better...yum, yum! :) 
 some of us enjoyed(or should I say suffered through) a game of twister...
 are you comfortable, Michelle?? 

 someone's going to go down....soon....
 as you can see, only two contestants left... 
 then I joined in. :) 
 the gift exchange...
didn't get too many pictures of this... :( 
 Ms. Lambrecht got the "Do It Later!" Planner 
from Michaela. :) 
It's just perfect for procrastinators... :) 
here is Ms. Lambrecht sharing some wisdom 
found within the pages of the "Do It Later!" planner... :) 

Lara and I eating her special dark Hershey's chocolate bar... :) 
 it was a little deformed after we got done with it. :-/ 
poor Lara.... ;) 
 Sarah, D'Lacey, and Michaela singing 
"Kumbaya" accompanied by Ms. Lambrecht
 Challenge time! :) 

 for some reason, Jess thought Mrs. Clause 
seemed like a good snuggle buddy that night... :) 

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  1. Hey, check out Julie's face in that Twister game!! Priceless.