Sunday, February 20, 2011

TEA Party Rally in Madison, WI

On Saturday, we went to the TEA Party Rally in support of 
Gov. Walker and his budget bill. It was crowded! 10,000 people at the TEA rally. 
There was a HUGE crowd there in protest of Walker's bill. 
They were really loud and obnoxious and they were not very 
respectful to the grounds and building. 
 It was a pretty interesting day....lots of noise and angry people. 
We need to pray for Gov. Walker and the rest of the republicans in Madison
that they would stand strong and PASS THIS BILL! 
The TEA Party organized shuttles to take Walker supporters to the capitol 
since parking anywhere near ground zero was virtually impossible. 

 Dad and Nathan
Josiah and I
Wisconsin Capitol Building 
walking to the south side of the building....
veteran's memorial 
TEA Party from the back...
we eventually worked our way up to the front. :) 
there were some great signs there! :) 
here, here! 

our awesome capitol dome...
we hope so! :) 

our little group :) 
one of my personal favorites... ;) 
another good one! 
this was a protester who I ended up standing next to for some of the rally. 
She was really nice, but some people weren't too fond of her
joining our TEA rally, so she eventually left. 
photographers...nice cameras! :) 
nice flags!
if you can see, some people are pointing to someone in the crowd 
who started screaming "KILL THE BILL" and of course the crowd 
promptly drowned him out with "PASS THE BILL." 
the TEA Party crowd...
more of the mob... :) 

after the rally dismissed....many people stayed to show their 
support to Walker. All the people in the streets are protesters. least he's for Walker! :) 
Mr. Brede and Britney joined us for a little bit. :) 
some of my favorite signs...

I like it....but not yet...I'm not ready to give him up! :) 

there's a great sign in the background 
of this to the left... ;) 
protesters in the rotunda...I was not pleased with how they've
 been treating our capitol building. It's a mess in there, and there are posters 
and signs everywhere. I'm pretty sure we were the only Walker
supporters in the building at the time... :-/ kind of scary...

our once beautiful capitol building... :( it will be beautiful again soon... :) 
Protesters in the street...chanting the most annoying chants... :-/

 Once again, pray for Governor Walker and his family! Also pray for the
 republicans to stand strong and that this bill would pass soon! 

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