Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pictures from VBS (a long time ago...)

some of the cookies we made for VBS...
the one weird one was "special order" ;) 

Sunday night set-up
puppets for the kiddos! :) 

baton tag

coloring time!
Ms. Finck and Dana

story time...

Mornings for Moms...
cream puffs the Moms made on Monday (yummy) :) 

I loved this particular little homey "shrine"...
I'd love my kitchen to look like that someday ;) 
Brooklyn and Auntie Sarah
snack time

memorizing verses

missionary story time with Mrs. Bird
Bible Lesson

closing program
skit time!
the three "me mes" 

for some reason, Pastor Jon always plays the bad guy...
he does a great job though! ;) 

a random picture...
an interesting version of soccer

another random picture...
7&8th grade girls :)
late nights working on the week-n-review video...
the other night was much later (or should I say earlier) than this...
but at least I wasn't cramming on Friday afternoon. :)

Luke under the "Rains Maker" for the fun fair

the dunk tank...

minnow races

this year Miss Lambrecht pulled out the spring board and big mattresses 
for the fun fair. It was a big hit! :) 

too bad Tim's head is cut off in this pic...
Lydia and Emily
Mrs. Gardipee's cartoon booth...
Emily and Rachel

I thought this was so cute! :) 
TWINS! ;) <3

more fun with the spring board thing...

(80% of photo credits go to Nathan) :) 

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