Saturday, October 15, 2011

More Random Pictures and People...

Lydia Olah and I
Lydia is back in Hungary now...I miss you, Lydia! 

 random coffee pix...(photo credtis to Nathan) 

 Daniel decided to try on D'Lacey's glasses...
I think he looks intelligent in glasses ;) 

Lara and I
there's actually a funny story behind this picture, but I don't 
think Lara would like me to publish it... ;)

 Masha and I 
Masha is back in Russia now...and I miss her too. :) 

 Mac v. PC...
of course, the superior machine is obvious...
(CAUTION: anti-apple zone)

 I commend all faithful PC users... =D 

 Daniel fell through one of our patio chairs one day...


  1. Mac vs. PC... It's not even a contest: PC, of course!

  2. Yep... No matter the cost, we must always tell the truth!

  3. Truth is not always popular, but is it always right! :)