Friday, September 2, 2011

piano fun

After the Memorial Day Service, we stopped by 
a piano store in Waukesha that was closing the next day. 
Nathan had fun trying out all of the different pianos to see
which one had the nicest sound. :) 
the manager of the store was very impressed with Nathan's ability. 
(we are too, of coures) ;) 

 there was this awesome grand piano (and it wasn't digital!)
who'd had it's body designed by Ferrari, and there are only 
6 pianos in the world like this one(I think 6).
The sign said that nobody could touch it, but the guy
said Nathan could b/c he was so good. 
the lower register was so rich! I loved it. :) 
Stravinsky sounded great on it. =D

Josiah decided to try out a few pianos as well 

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  1. The Ferrari piano looks incredible... That's awesome!