Saturday, September 3, 2011

4th of July at Camp Joy! :)

They had a picnic dinner down by the horse corral. 
Horse rides were available so of course, Daniel wanted a ride. :) 

Daniel loves riding horses... 
Hannah gave the Glass kids a ride 
Brooklyn! :) miss cutie pie... 

Abby and Bethany (right after Abby had splashed Bethany with water) :) 

Abby and Abbey :) 
we were both pretty sick that day....
(even though our smiles don't make us look sick :-/)
I guess we just have a lot of things in common :)
a brass quartet played some patriotic songs for 
the flag lowering ceremony

the service...

Bethany and I :)
She was my counselor for Teen I. 
We had so much fun together that week even though
we had a most interesting cabin! :) 

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  1. Nice post Abbey! Thanks for the cough drops! ;) Miss ya!!