Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Paul Ryan Listening Session in Waterford

on April 27th, Nathan and I had the opportunity
to go with the academy to hear Paul Ryan promote his
Health Care Reform Plan (Path for Prosperity) in 
Waterford. It was my first time seeing/hearing
Paul Ryan in person....COOL! :) 

about 90% of the people there were senior citizens...
some were for Ryan's plan, others adamantly against it. :-/ 
 some of our group....
we were trying to spread out and look inconspicuous,
but we arrived a little later than we wanted to, so there 
wasn't much room to intersperse ourselves among the masses...
 a non-local reporter doing an interview....
 He did a great job presenting his plan....
 Congressman Ryan had a neat pie chart representing 
the percentages of how much of our debt is owned by other 
countries, China being in the lead, of course... :-/ 

 Q & A time....
some of the folks asking questions were not very nice...
they think that they won't get any of their retirement 
$ and healthcare, when in reality, Ryan's plan 
does not effect people 55 and older.
Ryan's plan is truly genius! :) 
 love this shot.... :) 
 "the 'Path to Prosperity' prevents spending and taxes 
from rising steadily to unprecedented levels, 
as they are currently projected to do." 
 taking notes for a rebuttal.... ;) 
 the press...

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