Thursday, December 20, 2012

yes, we still exist...

Well, after my last post, you have all probably assumed that I didn't survive the last semester of college. However, here I am. Nathan and I both survived our first semester of college and we love it! :) We are on Christmas break now and loving break as well. It's very nice not to have to worry about a big paper or a final exam. I do miss all my college friends though and can't wait to see them again in January! :) 
Here are some pictures from this past semester...

Michelle and I at the Memorial Day picnic. 
Michelle taught my English class this 
past semester, so I had to call her "Miss K." :)
It took me awhile to get used to it! 

 Jessica and I

 First day of classes! 
D'Lacey and I

 Me and my wonderful twin! :) 

 This was on election night. A bunch of us girls had gone to the
 Country Springs Hotel to watch election returns, but we left shortly after 
we realized our party was losing. :( 
I'll have to say.....those are really good fake smiles!

 Here's a pic of Nathan's fellowship, the Judson Fellowship. 
Nathan is in the bottom row, second from the right. :) 

"Miss K" and I at a softball game back in September

The best Goforth Fellowship after a softball game
(that's my fellowship!!!)  

The best My fellowship (Goforth Fellowship) at our opening reception

 Here's a picture of our freshmen class at the beginning of the semester.
This year's freshmen class was record-breaking for BCM. :) 
It's great to be part of history.... :) 

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  1. Nice pics!! It's great to finally hear from you again. By the way, I am glad you are enjoying Goforth...the BEST "felloHIP" in the college. ;)