Saturday, July 9, 2011

Senior Recital

Our Senior Recital was May 17th! :) 
"Thank you all for coming..." ;)
 Jessica T...
 your's truly... :) 
 Jessica K...
 Daniel loved the music! 
 Nathan and I played a Piano/Organ duet

Jessica T sang two solos, and did a great job! :) 
 Jessica T again... :) 
 the two Jessicas played a duet
 Jessica K...
 Nathan playing Stravinsky....oh yeah! :) 
 the two Jessicas played a piano duo

 D'Lacey did three speeches that night. Great Job D'Lacey! :) 
 Piano Quartets! fun fun! :) 
"Battle Hymn of the Republic"

 "The Stars and Stripes Forever" 

 Mrs. Bickler, our piano teacher was there! :) 

 Thanks so much Mrs. Bickler for all your hard work, 
love and patience you've put into us! 
We'll never forget it! :) 
 Nathan and I with Aunt Kathy, Aunt Jean, and Philip 
 same group, except we decided to let Hannah in on the picture. :) 
 Nathan, Hannah and I
 Luke and Nathan
 the 4 senior girls! :) 
 the lonely senior guy.... ;)
 "How does he do that???" 
 Jessica K and I
 Mrs. Ross with the MBA seniors :) 
 D'Lacey and I
 Jessica T and I
 Mrs. Ross with all the seniors :) 
 TWINS! <3 :) 
 piano quartet...
 playing around just for fun...

 Michelle and I

 Nathan and Joel
 Nathan!!! :) 
me ...............................
 some cool pictures of the stage set up

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